Sunday, March 25, 2007

#23 - what I learned - THE END

Well, I think I learned a lot, but I wish I would have more time to explore everything in more detailed way. I hope I will be back one day to finish what didn't work for me at the first try..
I should say that in spite of all the pressure and lack of time, I really liked learning new things. Thank you for teaching!!!

#22 -ebooks etc.

I search a new web site on ebooks on our library home page. It seems like it is much easier now to figure out what collection has what and belong to which Institution -SJPL or/and SJSU.

david copperfield flying

I finally figured out how to do it, I guess.

#21 PODCASTS -week 9

I explored the links and RSS fed my bloglines account for podcasting in Russian. I think it is cool, except there is a trouble sometimes to listen to podcasts, even in my office computer. I tried to replay some of the "23 Things Exercises" podcasts and none of them seems still work?

YOUTUBE experience

I am supposed to post a link to YouTube video I like. The fact is I could not understand how to do it exactly. I first try is just posting a link:
Seems like it works! But it is not what I am supposed to do. I have to have a frame of the video on my page. So I will try to discover how to do it.
OK, I was not sure I needed to create an account to add video to blog, but I did. Then I tried to register my blog in YouTube, but I could not get an access to it. I am not sure what is wrong. So "Embeddable Player cut and paste code" still does not make sense to me, sorry.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I created an account with library thing. I added 7 entries to my book catalog.The link to it is here:
Hopefully the link will work.
I found it is very useful and not hard to use. When you need you own catalog, what could be better!
I am thinking I could use this tool to create my home library catalog.

#18 -week 8

Well below you see my attempt (successful) to publish a doc directly from ZOHO. It worked! Also I sent the same paragraph to my e-mail and it worked too. It was very easy and fast. Thank you for my new discovery!